Wing of Tomorrow: The New Green Airplane Wing

Airbus has started the process of assembling its prototype “green wing” within its “Wing of Tomorrow” technology research program.

This program will test each of the wing aerodynamic materials and technologies while investigating how to improve wing fabrication to meet future demand as the industry recovers.

Airbus plans to build three life-size prototypes: the first will be used to study systems integration, the second will undergo structural testing, and the third will be assembled to test increased production and compare it with industrial models.

Wing of Tomorrow is part of several Airbus divisions in different parts of the world, including the Wing Moveables team, based in Germany. It also has the financial support of the UK Institute of Aerospace Technology, which will bring together more than 100 technological applications, to explore new manufacturing and assembly techniques, to promote more sustainable aviation.

Undoubtedly, this project is part of one of the many solutions that the large companies of the aeronautical industry seek to implement every day to accelerate the process towards the decarbonization of aviation.


Read the note at: Europapress.

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