The first 100% electric ferry

The German shipping company Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe (BSB) is carrying out the construction of the first 100% electric ferry powered by photovoltaic solar energy, which will carry up to 300 passengers through the Bodensee lake of Constance, which has a length of 63 kilometers.

It will have its catamaran design, with a length of 30 meters long and 8 meters wide, which will become the largest electric ferry manufactured by the Ostseestaal KG shipyard.

The company BSB plans to finish the construction of the long-awaited ship soon, to sail in the middle of the year 2022 along the enormous Bodensee, and carry out sightseeing tours.

The propulsion system will have a specific optimization software of new invoice, which will prioritize the saving and optimization of energy, as well as the control of external factors. On the other hand, its solar panels will be bifacial and will collect energy to later store it in a series of batteries with characteristics that are yet to be determined.


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